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Thanks for stopping by this page. This one is important to us. It speaks to what we believe in, as collection of individuals who dedicate a significant amount of their time to the art, craft, technology, and business of media and story telling.

Bright Pearl Productions, Inc. is a business with corporate charter to make revenues and profit. Without this overriding goal, there is no Bright Pearl. Therefore, we are oriented toward providing media services for a fee or selling something that we produced. Media services as seen by us is defined as participating or leading a project using media technologies for delivery of a message or story.
The Director Speaks
We love the business we are in. We get such a kick in using all our talents in telling a great story that works. We will drive toward the best quality possible within the given set of constraints of budget and schedule. To us, this means agonizing over the placement of a single pixel, the setting of a certain light, the right lines delivered with the right gesture, or the continued refinement of an audio track. All our craft, energies, and expertise should be pointed right at developing the best product we can. No sloppiness, no compromises, and no half measures when it comes to quality. This does not mean that budget and schedule all go out the window for the sake of perfection. No. Every project and every problem has a set of constraints. There are no unlimited resources.

That being said, we live in a wonderful community that we really value. We know that media can be a powerful tool in shaping public opinion and we are aware of our social responsibilities in the use of this tool. On occasion, we have dropped our revenue and profit orientation when it comes to a cause that we believe will enrich all our lives, particularly those of our children. We plan to continue to be community involved in the future. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to live. It takes all of us with our different sets of skills to keep it that way.

Now something to be said about service. Really, isn't this something every business espouses?. But as we all know, there's lots of talk and not too much action. Service is what you do, not what you say. Does Bright Pearl believe in service? Test us.

Finally, why the eye? Well, for us, that's what our work comes down to. It is what the audience sees and hears and how they react to it. The eye is the portal to the mind. The eye sees and the mind responds. That's what really matters to us, providing a set of compelling images that stimulate the emotions and logic of the audience. The eye then is the gateway for the payoff; the reaction. We keep this "vision" close to our "hearts" in practicing what we do.
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