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Bright Pearl Productions provides a full range of services for video, multimedia, and "new media" from consultation through complete ownership of a client's project. We manage your projects from inception through post-production and finishing based on your objective

The types of projects that Bright Pearl Productions handles include corporate and industrial shorts, public service announcements, short spots for regional television broadcast, "how-to" videos for the home market, entertainment shorts, and workplace/social content pieces. Bright Pearl also offers project management and consultation for "new media" (Internet) projects.
We view our contribution to media projects in the following areas:


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Our approach to these areas is as follows:

Solutions: Identifying the need and the contribution a media project makes to meeting the need.

Markets: Knowing the audience; how you get and hold their attention.

Design: Developing the aesthetic that captivates, motivates, and entertains the audience.

Technologies: Blending the tool sets that support the purpose of the project.

Entertainment: Striving toward the sparkle in the eye, the widening of the smile, and the building of excitement for the audience in watching a great story.

We have worked hard to create this web site. It reflects our principles and beliefs. We invite you to spend some time poking around and if you like what you see, we encourage you to contact us by calling or sending mail. We look forward to it.

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