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Here's a small sampler of work we recently completed for broadcast. The accompanying captions and story relate to the finished video. In absence of the video, we added this narrative to provide guidance to the viewer of this page. Feel free to browse through the thumbnail pics below. If there is an image you want to enlarge, go ahead and click on it and the larger, somewhat higher-resolution image will be displayed.

Opening and Closing Titles: "A Star is Born"
Peter Kahn Titles
Since the title serves to announce beginning of the piece, it needs to quickly engage and pull in the attention of the audience. The blue band in the center with alternating bands of light pulls the eye first to the center where the title appears in classic Garamond typeface. Dancing around the band are the "points of light" that announce to the viewer that this piece will be both playful as well as special. A small 3D bug rotates in the corner to add additional visual interest to the composition.
The Creative Dream
Dream on, little fish
The next three scenes highlight the process that is undertaken when creating visual media. We imagine and dream what is possible. Out of this comes our visual framework for the images that we will create. All three scenes were developed to convey a dreamy and sensuous feeling. The soft exotic music along with liquid motion within the compositions are all designed to relax and soothe the viewer. Come on in and dream with us.
Imagine Under Water
Create With Lights
Tempo Change
Bright Orange Film Reel Countdown
But, as we all know, the alarm clock rings and its time to go to work. Time to take our ideas and apply them. The record scratch and the rapid cutting of the film countdown pulls the viewer back into our hectic 21st century world of technology and fast exploding imagery. Time to get busy.
Brainstorm and Dynamic Motion
We have our vision. Let's now apply it in a burst of energy and power. The bold san serif typeface races out in a muscular curve, pauses to flex, and then dashes off stage to the next adventure. The supporting music, "Moroccan Sands" lends the rest of our show, an elemental power and strength.
The Web
Internet Buzz and Flying Web Space
For the last five years and certainly for the near future, the Internet and World Wide Web will play an important role in reshaping our lives. Behind the simple web page is dizzying complexity. XML, SSL, HTML, SMIL and other architectures represented by acronyms provide the backdrop, which are changing our world. Through the ideas and images displayed on our web pages we pull the viewer into our new universe.
High Tech Newscaster
The Mind's Eye
Business to Business Communication
Along with the development of the Internet has been a rapid increase in the speed of business transactions. High-speed digital switching along with cellular technology has given us a huge telecommunications matrix across the globe. The matrix has enabled instantaneous business to business communications anywhere and anytime. Needless to say, the telecommunications matrix has also increased the stress for many that are always tethered to their electronic communicators. Are we all becoming part of the Collective?
The Fifties
The Fifties Montage
The Fifties are the forgotten decade; overshadowed by war in the Forties and rebellion in the Sixties. But much of the American culture around us today traces its roots to this decade. The birth of television and the media revolution began in began in the Fifties. America's new status as a superpower led to the rise of multinational corporations along with the conformity of the organizational man. Our dream of a home led to massive suburban development and resulting congestion of the workday commute. Civil Rights, Rock and Roll, and the rise of the celebrity all started in the forgotten decade. Born in the shadow of the Cold War, the Bomb, and the paronoia of Communism, the Fifties is a fascinating period our recent history. This photo montage serves as a touchstone to that time. The Fifties will be a show that I hope to produce shortly.
The Goldfish That Ate Seattle
The Goldfish That Ate Seattle
Hey, ya gotta have fun. A giant goldfish from the planet Aqueaous attacks our planet. Obviously, this giant alien fish would start with the wettest city in the U.S. The Space Needle looks silly enough to be in any aquarium and is of little interest to this fishy invader who then swims off to Boeing Field in search of romance with a jumbo jet.
Elaine's Dream
Ooo-la la What a Guy! Elaine's Dream Date
I once wrote and directed a short about a date. Dusting off this footage, I wanted to convey, without dialogue, what the female lead was feeling. Gold cursive writing, purple/pink clouds with fairy dust and the throb of a romantic heart all come together in this gushy little box of sweets.
Real Change
Real Change: Seattle's Homeless Newspaper
As contrast to the previous clip is this scene taken from a documentary that I once produced about Seattle's homeless newspaper. The documentary, rather than cover issues, was focused on the street vendors themselves and what it meant to sell the paper. Pulling out all the background color puts the focus and light on the vendor who is the star of the piece. The harsh, grainy, high-contrast black and white of the parking lot where the paper is sold as well as the corroded Courier typeface supports the difficult life of those trying to earn a living while being homeless. Seattle is not just a city of young millionaires.
Swing Dance
Swing Dancers and the Magic Touch
Dancing such a great way to connect to someone else. With today's social customs, other than shaking hands, touching is almost forbidden. Partner dancing brings back the magic of touch without the assumption of sex. Energetic, fun, and hip, dance is a great way to kick into the weekend. The dance clips are designed to be retro cool, cute, and slightly humorous. I also wanted to show some of the energy and magic that comes with partner dancing.
Our Hostess and Her Friends
Logo and Flare
Bright Pearl Logo and Supernova
I wanted something strong for the Bright Pearl logo. With this in mind, I exploded out a huge dazzling blue/green flare and energized its rays to cover and dance across the frame. I then brought in the initials in 3D using dull chrome for texture and the background flare as texture and reflection for the sides. A wide extrusion with a very small bevel accents the basic strength of the letters. At the end, the letters exit the stage, followed by the light; Tinkerbell and Peter Pan?