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Page That Contains Links to Plug Ins That Are Needed For Some Features of This Site
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Bright Pearl Production's business is making ideas come alive. That includes this web site. However, if you, our viewers, don't have the necessary software tools installed on your system, you may miss out on some of the sounds, movies, cartoons, and other events that we have sprinkled around our web pages. The software tools that we are referring to are popularly known as "plug-ins
What's a plug-in?

A plug-in is software that typically expands the capability of your web browser to support additional functions that don't come as part of the standard web browser package. For example, a plug-in could enable your browser to receive music from a radio station located in London or a live broadcast of a football game at the local college. Yeah, having plug-ins can be real useful. Best yet, all the plug-ins you would need for this site are free.

The purpose of this page is to point you to those sites that have the most popular plug-in software in the industry. You click on the picture, it takes you to that site, and you follow the directions on how to download and add the plug-in to your browser. Then you come back to the Bright Pearl site to enjoy the show.

So Get Plugged In!

Here's a list of the plug-ins that you should have to get the most value and enjoyment from this site. These plug-ins are not necessary to view the site, just desirable. You would choose one from each type: Documents, Media, and Animation. We have included some brief descriptions about each type. If you already understand what they do, just click and go, otherwise, we suggest you read before you click.

Documents This plug-in allows you to read and print documents that are either too long or of higher quality than what most browsers will support.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Media These plug-ins allow you to watch movies, listen to music broadcasts and just about anything else that you would typically see or hear on television, the movies, or radio. Want to hear our dogs howl, go get one of these.
Apple Quicktime
Real Networks Real Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Animation These plug-ins are used primarily to animate graphics. We use them to kick cartoon characters around our pages.
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Shockwave
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