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Bright Pearl Productions, Inc.
You have reached the web site for Bright Pearl Productions. We are a video and media productions company operating in the Pacific Northwest.

We offer production and post-production services for video projects, as well as media production and consulting services. Services can be for full project ownership or sub-contracting to other producers.

We produce a range of media products including corporate, instructional and training videos along with public service announcements and video exclusively for web broadcasting.

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Bright Pearl Productions believes that streaming video on the web offers great promise for reaching new audiences while holding down costs. Check out what we are doing and get some tips on how to produce web video in our Web section.
To read about how the craft of filmmaking enhances or detracts from good storytelling, read our current or past "Film Reviews"
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We just completed completed a fantastic new reel highlighting our recent projects. You can click on the banner to the right to check out some of the stills we pulled or you can call us at 206-320-1336 and request a copy.
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